Sorry, (unfortunately) bad news for you. I've stopped the project Gear Calculator 2.0 for some reasons.

But there is also good news for you (hopefully). I'm working currently on new project for Aion.


What does 'new' project mean for you?

Well, it's means I am working on another project. More details see below.

Why did you stop the previous project?

Because there are some gear calculator that already exists such as and and of course since Mouseclic has been updated to current version (5.8) of Aion.

What's the new project?

The new project is a tool that analyzes the information from and tells you how you can improve your damage. Based on the information it will generate a ranking list like MMR.

It also takes information from and is calculating the damage output for each skill on specific monster that exists in Aion.

For example: Magic boost: 3657 - Punishing Earth of cleric would deal 2312 damage on Controlled Ovel.

Additional information:

Hopefully you are more happier than an additional Gear Calculator. I think it's a good idea.

Also I'm trying to contact the owner of each service - so stay tuned.

Greets, Snueffel-Loki

P.S. check out my daily quest calendar for Aion: click me